What can Fleet management consulting bring to your company ?

By using a vehicle fleet management system, the company will be able to continually renew its fleet cost strategy, road operations, policies or procedures promoting security, and developing a culture of environmental awareness. 


  • The benefits from implementing an effective Fleet Safety Management include cost savings, improvements in performance and efficiency, improved wellbeing, safety and security of employees, and the protection of your company’s reputation.
No Matter What

We bring you a Scope of Services including Fleet Consultancy

Identifying hazards and assessing risks

Deciding how they can be eliminated or controlled 

Complying with the  road safety rules and regulations that apply to your company

Agreeing fleet safety targets and objectives with managers and supervisors

  • A vehicle and equipment procurement policy.
  • Procedures to deal with emergencies or priorities
  • Cooperation with other entities to reduce running costs regarding fuel, tires, overall vehicle maintenance
Our Customers
  • Medium to Large Fleet Management for Private company
  • Medium Workshop Businesses & Auto Sellers
  • Freelance Mechanics  
  • Old Timer automobiles 
Our Specialties
  • Fleet Management Consultancy
  • Fleet Management Program
  • Proximity Customer Support
  • Electro mechanic Diagnostic 
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • MecaTronic Onsite Training
Vehicle Fleet
  • Delivery Vans
  • Light vehicle operation support 
  • Electrical power plant
  • Taxi and special vehicles
  • PHEV & EV & Hybrid vehicles
Costs Control
  • Know the company fleet running costs 
  • Understand hidden costs 
  • Networking with suppliers 
  • Establish strong commercial links with regular suppliers
  • Adapt your vehicles to your ever changing operational requirements

Electronic Diagnostic


Mechanical repairs


Strategy & Developments




Video Production


It’s time to regain
control over your extra costs

Consider Fleet Safety as a strategy to manage your fleet and the work force driving it. Fleet Safety strategy when implemented leads your company to effective cost savings.
Accountability for staff safety lies with senior management.

Are you looking for a Mechanic & Electronic specialist ?

or an A/C technician ?

DRCE will avail a certified technician to respond to your technical needs 
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Most repairs on your car can be done from your home under your direct supervision 

Solid adaptation

The current health situation affecting directly all economies, we needed to adapt rapidly our services to suit our clients under the new health regulations

Vehicle diagnosis and Telematic. Standard solutions and custom implementations are available for fleet managers, businesses or individual users.

AVS AutomotiveVehicle diagnosis and Telematic

You need to dispose off your old vehicles ? Consider to auction them through a professional auctioneer. Transparency & Compliance. No time wasting, let your auctioneer do the job for your company. Contact Us for more information.


Winter road conditions are slippery. For a perfect control, you need to prepare your car first.
Looking for enhancing your driving skills in winter conditions - Contact Us for advices -

Prepare for the WinterSnow, Ice, Fog

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