Mechanical Repairs

Several mechanical interventions require only specialised tools.
However, some such jobs can be performed at your home or within your surroundings.

Wheels and Brakes

Air Conditioning

Winter Vehicle control & preparation

Long trip Vehicle control & preparation

Electronic Diagnostic – Fault reading and solutions

Suspensions and Steering

Engine management


Waveform Concept Design


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Spare parts Supply Chain

Making use of SST (Special Service Tools) designed for automobile racing mechanical teams.

Adapted tooling for work in places with limited space, allows multiple interventions to be performed under the owner’s direct supervision.

Accompany the technician during the intervention on your vehicle.

Evaluate with the technician the wear and tear on all components.
Plan for the next priority needed on your vehicle. Get a financial quote, place the potential expenditures in your agenda, direct information input into your financial yearly planning

Prepare for winter. Learn the How To’s to perform pre winter control by Yourself.
Discuss the choice of tires for your vehicle, compare brand, model and sizes to best fit your vehicle.
Learn how to order your tires from Web based Suppliers

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